About US

Bashir Al-Sayyadi and Haytham Modhesh Corporation were established for accounting, auditing and consulting after working for more than ten years in the profession as individual offices, and they are distinguished by providing the best services and integrated solutions in the accounting and administrative fields and economic feasibility studies and evaluation of companies and institutions and providing tax advice and all that Through a team of auditors, consultants and experts with specialized scientific and professional competencies and diverse experiences.

We help you to succeed, organize your business, and develop your institutional performance.

Our vision

• Achieving customer excellence through a comprehensive set of services provided and providing a qualified team that provides the best solutions.
• Upgrading and excellence in performance, adhering to the ethical principles of the profession, and seeking to bring about change for the better.
• Providing the best types of knowledge and modern information to be in the hands of clients, which would assist them in making decisions in a way that guarantees quality improvement and performance improvement.
• To provide distinguished, comprehensive and integrated services in various administrative, financial, tax and training accounting fields for all institutions, organizations, bodies and individuals in the public and private sectors.
Providing services objectively, free from bias and maintaining independence at work.
• Achieve customer satisfaction and excellence through the quality of integrated services, credibility, commitment and transparency.

how can we help you?

You can contact us to provide accounting advice online.