Sit in your house for us, please.

Due to the exceptional circumstances in the country and the government’s efforts to combat the spread of Covid 9 and its recommendations to reduce staff in the government and private sector by 80% and to take action in the fight against the Coronavirus, it was decided to:
• Key auditors and assistants are given compulsory paid leave to stay at home for 14 days from the date of the date.
• A committee of company directors (partners, audit manager, internal audit manager, quality manager) is formed to complete the audit files and issue final reports.
• The number of hours of work is reduced and the morning period is cancelled for 14 days.
• Customer reception is prohibited at the company’s headquarters within 14 days of its date
• The liaison officer is responsible for communicating with clients through internet communication and advising them.
• The team assigned to go to the customers is committed to taking the necessary safety measures.
• The company is sterilized with appropriate materials and detergents on a daily basis.
• Sterilizers are provided and all managers are obliged to use them before entering the company.